Back to School – Time to Review Moving Up The Property Ladder

Children throughout the UK return to mainstream education this week, a chance for parents to review living arrangements, and perhaps an opportunity to look for a more family friendly property. When upsizing or moving up the property ladder there are many considerations to take into account. Parents starting the home moving journey with young children, may have very differing priorities than those with teenagers. Priorities certainly shift, as children get older.  

For many parents, the dynamics of lockdown, whilst working from home, were made even more challenging, due to the necessity for home schooling. Many will feel enriched by the experience, a chance to spend quality time with the kiddies, others perhaps found it very challenging. The desire and focus for moving home, may be heightened by the requirement to create a more functional space for a growing family.   

Location, Location, Location 

When valuing a property to market, Property Ladder Group, will take time to assess the area, and factor in positive and negative attributes. Location is a key factor in establishing a property price, and we value the feedback from our valuing local estate agents. Access to good schooling is essential and likely to be very high on most parents agenda. Moving to a new house close to a school accredited as excellent by Ofsted, can often add value and desirability to a property search. Proximity to a doctors surgery, hospital and dentist would be welcomed by most families. The Waitrose effect has been muted as being a powerful factor by agents when determining a property value, and in light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the close proximity and ability to pop into the local supermarket for essential supplies, must surely be an elevated search requirement for most with young families. 

It’s always wise to do your homework and be aware of negative features, especially when moving out of town, or an unfamiliar location. It is important to consider whether a property is in close proximity to a busy main road, assess if there is adequate provision for parking and be aware of adverse issues such as the local crime rate, leasehold factors and high maintenance fees.  

Positive factors to consider will be availability of storage, potential to extend or convert the garage. Most families with teenagers will look for the option of a spare bedroom, en-suite facilities and extra living space, such as a family room or conservatory. Of course, the provision of out-door space, especially with an enclosed garden and space to walk the dog are invaluable.  


From an experienced parents’ point of view, top of the list of the priorities, would be provision for a full-size bath, firstly for child friendly bath-time and more importantly for a well-deserved relaxing soak once the kids have gone to bed!  

Property Ladder Group offer a residential sales service, we will be pleased to arrange a valuation and market your property, in a stress- free manner and for the best possible price. To find out more, give us a call today on 0330 124 7434.