Keeping Positive As A Team

The team at Property Ladder Group look forward to our daily catch up, it’s a great way to stay in touch, share ideas, and reflect on the extraordinary events that are going on around us. 

This morning we discussed legislative changes brought in by the UK Government, as a result of the Coronavirus global pandemic, and how it affects the property industry.
It’s great to be able to communicate and work as a team, to know that our ideas are valued, and be there to motivate each other.
Whilst our systems provide a seamless service to enable us to work remotely, working in lock down and social isolation is quite alien to most of us. We all agree that there are some positives to working from home.

Embracing Technology
The IT support isn’t going to wheel their chair over to our desks, to fix that printer problem, anytime soon. Working remotely, we are fortunate to have colleagues on hand if we have an IT problem, and in the world of Zoom and Teams we all agree that whilst we adopt social distancing, working from home has made us become just a bit more IT savvy, we have all embraced technology, and have enjoyed staying connected.

Breaking Down Barriers
Going out to work every day, especially if we have a long commute distances us from connecting with our immediate neighbours. It has been refreshing to be based at home and be aware of the people and families around us. Reacquainting with old friends and neighbours means, we may not be able to pop round for a chat but have reached out in other ways by messaging and showing our support in arranging food parcels. Our street all took part in the Clap for Carers campaign last Thursday and will look forward to doing so again this Thursday at 8pm.

Take A Breather & Enjoy Our Surroundings
The last Sunday in March signifies the start of British Summer Time, working from home has allowed us time to take stock of all that is around us. Since the Coronavirus lockdown started, the weather has been cold and mostly sunny, it has been lovely to witness the early buds of spring, and if we are lucky enough to have a garden or balcony, take a breather and enjoy our surroundings.


A Good Spring Clean
Some of the team have decided to use our extra free time, to take up a new hobby, learn a language, or exercise more. Others have found that spring cleaning has been really therapeutic and a really good stress relief. It’s safe to say that we are all going to be confined at home for some time, and rearranging the furniture, and changing our surroundings slightly, might give us all a fresh prospective, and even help burn some calories.


Staying At Home To Stay Safe
Spending time in lockdown has allowed us to be with our loved ones, it’s been a huge work life balance shift. We have all adapted and learned to work alongside our children, our dogs and our cats. I’m sure we may all know someone who has been affected by Covid-19, let’s not forget that the main reason for social distancing, is to stay at home, stay safe and save lives.