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Legal Property Services

We work with law firms, professional deputies, probate practitioners and the general public across the UK. We offer HMRC Compliant Valuations with full aftercare service and a property sale method that will ensure the highest price is always achieved. 

We take responsibility for all the negotiations whilst working with you to ensure we get the price you want. We carry out weekly reports during the sale process and are at hand should you ever require any additional support. 

As we understand how stressful these matters can be, we ensure our clients are kept up to date throughout the whole process.


We have worked hard to position the Property Ladder Group as a friendly and approachable company that offers the complete solution when it comes to dealing with the sale of a vacant property after the owner’s passing. 

We work with professional and non-professional executors, with one goal in mind; to ensure that the sale of a probate property is a simple and stress-free affair for every single one of our clients. The Property Ladder Group uses its extensive 50 years of experience to ensure the very highest quality of service. Our team are accessible as and when you need them and will offer complete transparency with every single case.

The team at PLG have been working within this sector longer than any other service provider in the UK, so we are a name you can trust, offering a service you can rely on.

This also means we know what needs to be done to keep you compliant, giving you complete peace of mind.

The Property Ladder Group offers a bespoke solution and are committed to the needs and welfare of our clients.

Court of Protection

Here at the Property Ladder Group we completely understand that selling a property is perhaps one of the most stressful things you are likely to do. This time-consuming process that causes a great deal of anxiety and pressure for the families involved can be avoided.

The Property Ladder Group is extremely sympathetic to this and offer a friendly and approachable court of protection solution. The solution we offer means we work closely with the attorneys and solicitors to provide a complete service ensuring the property is sold in the quickest time and without stress or any more upset.

Using our knowledge, professionalism and courtesy we will ensure you have the correct support team behind you meaning you will receive the best offer for your property.

Constant contact with solicitors, deputies and attorneys, and ensuring that we provide up-to-the-minute information over the telephone or preferred contact method.

Regular inspections of vacant properties will be conducted, and the management and handling of ongoing maintenance work and insurance will be completed.

We will provide a comprehensive valuation report of the property.

Partnering with local high-quality estate agents to ensure the absolute best prices are offered for every single property and client.

Allocating a professional sales progressor whose aim is to keep all of the parties completely up-to-date insuring a stress free environment at all times.

Meticulously checking property chain details then financially qualifying every single offer.

We will provide a completely transparent service ensuring you are informed at every step of the way. From the sales right through to completion you will receive detailed updates and will have the best team in the industry working with your best interests at heart.


  1. HMRC compliant property valuation report.
  2. Regular inspections of vacant properties conducted.
  3. Essential maintenance work organised and carried out with reputable companies.
  4. Partnering with professional local estate agents to provide best sale prices for every property.
  5. Managing and checking property chain and financially qualifying every offer made.
  6. Dedicated Sales Progression team in place ensuring all parties are kept up to date every step of the way.
  7. Providing the most complete property solution in the market.
  8. Offering a choice of services to suit every circumstance and budget.

Flexibility – We provide a variety of payment options with no tie in period. This gives you complete control and offers a stress-free experience knowing that you are dealing with the right company.

Experience – With over 50 years industry experience we have handled every single circumstance imaginable.

Efficiency – We ensure timescales are adhered to and ensure budgets are managed and due diligence is conducted.

Commitment – The Property Ladder Group has one sole aim, achieving the best results for every single client and selling their properties for the best possible price in the quickest time possible.

Professionalism – Using our dedicated and experienced team we will handle the entire case from the very start to the very end, we will supply expert advice and ensure that the whole process is as stress-free as it can be for both executors and solicitors.

Communication – We offer a completely transparent service and throughout the probate process we will always ensure that we are honest and forthcoming with all information and will conduct telephone conversations offering a friendly and approachable service at all times.


A difficult time for those that have decided to separate, usually incredibly stressful and difficult to negotiate. The Property Ladder Group realise that in most cases there are disagreements about which agent should be used and how the feedback on matters such as viewings are communicated. 

With our expert approach we give you the option to choose an agent each and we will select a third. Thus giving all parties peace of mind. 

We will update all parties including the legal teams involved to ensure complete transparency and as stress free sale as possible.