The Essential Extras to Prepare Properties for Market

When it comes to the Essential Extras, you can rest assured that the Property Ladder Group have got you covered. The initial point of contact is usually when an Attorney, Deputy or Executor, notifies us of an owners death or illness, our first priority then is to make sure that the property is insured and to ascertain if the locks need changing. PLG will charge an admin fee of only £25 + VAT for this service, and unlike other managing agents, will not charge you by the hour.

essential extras

Most general home insurance policies will become invalid if a home is left unoccupied for more than 30 days, a few companies may honour the cover until the policy ends but it is rare. Sadly, that means that on death most insurance contracts will become null and void. An empty property can become a costly liability, if for example a claim is required due to accidental or malicious damage. Our policy runs on a month to month basis with no tie in, no need for vacant inspections or drain down. At £50 + VAT whether you sell via us or not, it really is the best policy available.

essential extras

Lock changes are a popular essential extra service to ensure adequate security to the property. PLG will be pleased to source a local locksmith who will arrange to install quality locks and ensure security. This is often a request which can lead to un-chargeable time for solicitors, however our friendly and experience team will be pleased to arrange for a locksmith to attend and can arrange for extra keys to be dropped off to a neighbour or executor.

As PLG have national connections with professional service providers to our own business, we can drive prices down, therefore not costing the estate any additional money for our involvement.

essential extras

Preparing a house to market can be a formidable undertaking for a deputy or executor, especially if it is in poor condition or neglect. The owner may have been unwell and been unable to maintain the property. Regrettably, this may only become evident to an executor or deputy once the owner has passed away or been placed in a care home. A lifetime of cherished contents may need to be removed from the property, it will often require full house clearance, a deep clean and redecoration.

It may be necessary to carry out garden and garage clearance and carry out essential repairs throughout. Our caring team will be pleased to arrange all services, which can extend to regular vacant inspections, drain downs, sale of cars and vehicles, the list is extensive, and if it’s not listed, just ask and we will be pleased to assist.

Our Essential Extra Services are designed to save legal representatives time and money, we will be pleased to obtain quotations and oversee completion of all works. Our sensitive staff appreciate that this may be a stressful and difficult time and will be pleased to assist and answer any questions or queries, throughout the whole process. To find out more, give us a call today on 0330 124 7434.