The Man Behind Legal Growth

The Marketing Agency Supporting Legal Businesses

Tom Stansfield is the founder and Director at Legal Growth – a marketing agency formed to support the legal sector. Prior to launching LG, Tom had been working in various marketing roles within the legal sector for over 10 years.

These roles included holding a directorship at The Society of Will Writers as well as senior roles at WillSuite and The Love Legal Group. For over two years, Tom had been supporting practitioners within the private client and succession planning sector with tips and ideas for business development. These clients now sit under the Legal Growth brand.

Legal Growth

Why Did Tom Create Legal Growth?

The primary reason that Tom set up his own marketing agency was because of his family. He has a young son and wanted to maximise the amount of time he could spend at home being a dad whilst also engaging in his passions for marketing and business growth. I’m sure this is something that many can relate to.

Covid was also pivotal to Tom making decisions that were in his family’s interests and that was when he chose to take on a new role with Legal Tech firm – WillSuite. He opted for a role that enabled him to work closer to home (and from home) whilst also being able to make a difference within the sector.

Lots of people throw themselves into their work and Tom is no different. He firmly believes that if you’re working a long time, you should enjoy it and is also well known for his motto – ‘Living the Dream’. As a result, he carefully picks his clients based around similar goals, outcomes and objectives to ensure that this continues.

Legal Growth

Tom’s vision for Legal Growth was set around 3 key principles:

  1. To only ever work with people or organisations where we can add value
  2. To never tie clients into a lengthy contract
  3. To educate clients as well as getting results

The work that Legal Growth undertakes includes website development, SEO, social media marketing, marketing strategy creation and implementation as well as training, auditing and mentoring.

Legal Growth

More About Tom

Something that people don’t know about Tom is that he is a keen motorcycle enthusiast and currently owns 3 of them. The most bikes he’s had at any one time is 5 (and he’s always in the market for more). His current bikes are all 90’s sports bikes although more recently, Tom has swapped two wheels for four and is in the process of converting an old VW van into a campervan (doing all the work himself) with plans for some adventure with family and to create a mobile office too.

His other love is football. He’s an Everton fan and a Lincoln City FC season ticket holder. These hobbies ensure that Tom lives the dream. On that point, when Tom founded his business he wanted to add a little personality to the company so called it TSLTD Limited. The LTD stands for ‘Living The Dream’.

Legal Growth

What motivates Tom?

Tom’s motivations have changed massively since having his son, Harry. Tom LOVES business (listens to audiobooks on anything business/marketing etc.) and is growing a successful agency but is keen to do it ethically and at a pace which suits his family obligations.

One of his main motivations is to help as many people and businesses as possible – especially small to medium sized businesses who perhaps don’t have huge budgets or can’t throw money at marketing. He also gets a buzz from helping those who don’t have a keen understanding of marketing and its application and implementation and taking them to a point where they understand the motive behind a campaign.

Outside of work, you won’t be shocked to hear that Tom likes to work… he’s recently accepted a NED (Non-Exec Director) role at a local non-league football club. Football is a financially volatile industry and Tom likes a challenge so he took up the role to explore how the club could increase revenue and build better links to the local community. When you think about NED’s you’d be right to think about the stereotypical older gentleman. The average Non-Exec Director is in his late 50’s to early 60’s so at 33, Tom is bucking the trend and it won’t be long before he accepts other similar roles where he can add value.

Legal Growth

PLG Partnering With Legal Growth

The Property Ladder Group are proud to confirm that we are now a Partner of Legal Growth.
Here at PLG we are very fussy about who we team up with, as leaders in the property industry and go to service provider for legal professionals across the UK, we need to ensure that we show diligence with who we associate with.

Tom and Darren (Co-Founder of PLG), have been great friends for many years. Darren has followed Tom’s journey with both intrigue and admiration and has seen him grow as a professional and state his own worth in the sector as a marketing guru.

What Legal Growth provide is real potential for growth by way of sensible and forward thinking marketing. If you are a legal business and want to appeal to a wider audience then contact Tom, we certainly recommend him!

To find out more Legal Growth and their services visit their website, or call 07780 114186 or email