WillSuite Services with Tom Stansfield

Who am I and who are WillSuite?

Tom Stansfield – Marketeer and Head and Growth at WillSuite and LoveLegal. WillSuite is a legal tech provider, servicing estate planning and private client professionals. WillSuite is used by solicitors, Will writers, financial service professionals and mortgage professionals, pretty much anyone who offers estate planning to clients.

What makes us different?

WillSuite is the exclusive provider of choice for both members of the Society of Will Writers (under the brand Sure Will Writer) and for members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers. As well as this, WillSuite is used widely by private client professionals.

There are a number of things that make WillSuite different and why it’s being so widely adopted but essentially, it’s built to help businesses and departments to streamline their processes. To aid in client communication, to speed up the document drafting process and to provide a cost-effective solution.

To start, WillSuite has a CRM/CMS system built in to allow you to track client journeys, to communicate with clients effortlessly and to ensure you meet your obligations to clients. When it comes to the legal documents you can produce, WillSuite enables you to produce all manner of estate planning documents including simple Wills, complex Wills (and Will-based trusts), LPAs, and more. All of which are produced in real time.

WillSuite operates a transparent pricing model. Fixed costs and no lengthy contracts, just a rolling monthly deal to suit the needs of every firm. One of the things that makes WillSuite different is that we have a team of in-house developers and our platform constantly evolves based on feedback from practitioners. In essence we listen to our clients. Having listened to our clients, we have provided additional support and training to help build business.


Trends and experience in the marketplace?

WillSuite is able to analyse huge amounts of data. Over 100,000 Wills are being produced on our software every year. We produce an annual report and are able to share stats like ‘the average gift made in a Will is a little over £15,000’.

Even before I joined WillSuite, I knew what the software was capable of. That made my decision in joining easy and now I’m simply sharing the news and we’re seeing lots of practitioners interested in trialing the software. As a result, we benefit from a growing audience, more clients and fantastic relationships.

In turn, we get more data to analyse and more trends to be able to share.

How has WillSuite adapted over the last 12 months?

The last 12 months haven’t been too different for us. We are always ready to change, and build based on the changing needs of our clients. We are always happy to take feedback from clients and we build in new functionality regularly, for individual clients or collectively.

I am able to share an exclusive – in that we have a new client facing portal coming soon. Whilst I can’t share too much more yet, users will be able to provide documents to clients easily, to get feedback from clients and to collect payments with ease.

A trend we have seen within the last 12 months is that there has been increased demand for LoveLegals online portal. For those that don’t know about LoveLegal, it’s an online Will Writing portal which can be hosted on your website, it’s entirely branded for your business and provides a cost-effective route to market either in addition to your existing product portfolio or to replace the need to take instructions directly.

What makes PLG different?

For me, having known Darren and his team for over 8 years, three things stand out for me:

Communication, transparency and honesty

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home, to anyone dealing with probate property or even if you’re looking for an introduction to someone specific. Darren’s network is extensive.

To find out more about WillSuite and their services or any queries email tom@willsuite.co.uk or visit their website. To also contact Tom personally visit his LinkedIn page.

To view the full interview see our Youtube channel.

If you would like to become a member of our network and feel you would like to be introduced to other likeminded professionals then get in touch with us on 0330 124 7434 or email us info@theplgroup.co.uk By joining our network it will help you build your company’s image, reputation and workload.