vACANT pROPERTY iNSURANCE and finance support

Vacant Property Insurance & Finance Support

The role of being an executor can be an expensive one, this can add to the stress of carrying out what are usually already quite challenging responsibilities.

Recognising just how difficult looking after the estate on behalf of the beneficiaries can be, we have worked hard to create the answers to each problem.

Whether you need to arrange suitable insurance for the property, or you want to access funding to help with the expenses, PLG have you covered.

By working with key partners, we are able to assist and guide you, just to help make this part of being an executor a little less stressful.

Vacant Property Insurance

Having teamed up with one of the worlds largest and leading insurance providers, we have been able to put together the ideal vacant property insurance.

Our policy means that you have complete peace of mind, and cover with minimal fuss.

One call to our team and you are covered!

✓ The policy can roll on a month-by-month basis, or be taken out for a set period of time. Whatever works best for you!

✓ Immediate cover

✓ Buildings and content cover available

The policy is a ‘blanket cover policy’, that is in PLG’s name and is provided by Aviva, via Marsh. PLG must be assisting with the management of the property in order to provide the insurance cover.

If PLG are disinstructed, any property that we have on our policy will be immediately removed to satisfy the terms and conditions of the insurance provider.
PLG do not sell policies or advise on insurance products. The vacant property insurance we provide is done so under our own policy which is in the name of The Property Ladder Group.
Further information is available upon request.


At PLG we want to help make life as easy as possible for you.

Where we are not regulated to lend money ourselves, we are able to signpost you to companies that we trust to look after you just as well as we do.

These are organisations that we recognise as sharing the same core values as we do, meaning we recommend them for no other reason than we believe they are the best solution to your requirement.

Services include:

✓ Inheritance Advance

✓ IHT Loan

✓ Inheritance Dispute Funding

✓ Executor Loans

*please note:

PLG are not financially incentivized to refer leads to any third party, and do not receive commission or rewards of any kind for making any introduction.


Our mortgage team can introduce you to a number of whole of market mortgage brokers who can may be able to assist you if you are seeking a mortgage. The really good news is that you do not need to buy through PLG to have access to our mortgage broker contacts.

*please note, PLG are not a mortgage lender, or broker.