A Team Recruitment Services with Zoe Jarrold

A-Team Recruitment is an independent recruitment agency, focusing on permanent vacancies across a broad spectrum of commercial industries in East Anglia especially focusing on Colchester, Sudbury, and the surrounding area.

PLG’s Co-founder, Darren Leggett, caught up with Zoe Jarrold from A Team Recruitment to find out more about their services. Zoe has been incredible in finding new members to the PLG family!

Tell us Zoe, who you are and what it is you do?

I am Zoe Jarrold, wife and mum to two fluffy girls, recruitment consultant/owner of A Team Recruitment, where I recruit for permanent commercial staff for my clients in the East Anglia area.

How long have you been in recruitment for?

I started in recruitment by accident in 2006 after working in hospitality for many years, went to a local agency, worked as a temp for them after being asked if I would be interested in a job as a recruitment consultant, thankfully I said yes and have never looked back. After working for them for 6 years and after many changes, I took time out and then set up A Team Recruitment, which I’ve now been doing for 8 years.

Why did you choose recruitment as a career?

Recruitment wasn’t something I had ever thought of before and luckily, I fell into it but as soon as I did, I just felt like I had finally found my dream job. I love that I get to build relationships on both sides of the recruitment journey, with both my clients asking for my help and my candidates wanting me to find them hopefully their dream job. It’s also always nice maintaining contact with them, to hear how the people I placed in their roles have progressed and stayed within the companies I’ve placed them in. My clients always let me know that the person I found for them was the right one and when the time comes to find them someone else, they will ask for my help again.

What sectors do you work in?

I predominantly work within any office role, this can be an administrator to UX consultant, IT support engineer, sales, solicitors and many more. However, I do also assist a large manufacturing client of mine with not just their office-based staff but also their manufacturing staff, some of which I have to google the job as I’m not too sure what they are, but I always make sure I carry out my research to understand, ensuring that I find the right match for them and not waste their time sending them the wrong people.

What the ethos is behind A Team Recruitment?

After making the very frightening decision to make it on my own, the biggest ethos I feel from setting up A Team Recruitment is delivering a good, honest, polite service, which I believe not just in business but in life. I think the best thing with working in this way is that clients know if I’m not able to find someone for them I will tell them, if I’m helping someone with their job search, I’m not able to find the right match for them I tell them. Working in this way means you get the best from people and build a trusting relationship. The largest reason why I feel I can retain this is because you will always only ever deal with me, meaning the relationship we build does not have to be handed over to someone new, it just gets stronger and stronger.

What is your most memorable placement and why?

My most memorable one must be my first ever placement in recruitment, because I made it within the first 2 weeks as starting in the position. The reason being because the adrenaline high it gives when you get it right, but also because of who the client was. A client who even since setting up A Team recruitment, is one of my biggest clients that I still work with today.

What is it about PLG that makes them so good to work with?

I love working with PLG, because it encompasses everything that I have set about my journey in recruitment. They are honest, polite and offer a great service from inside with their team to their clients. My relationship which stems with Darren, being someone I have had the pleasure of working with for many years in his past roles, before setting up PLG and due to the relationship we have built, he has trusted me to work with him again, long may it continue!

To view the full interview of Darren Leggett, and Zoe Jarrold visit our Youtube channel.

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