Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Services Ltd with Charlotte Ponder

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd (CTTC) offer multi-disciplinary support to advisers providing Estate Planning and Private Wealth services to their clients.

With expertise in all things Estate Planning, they can help advisers provide advice to their clients across a range of areas (financial, legal, and accountancy) ensuring that they are providing the best possible service. 

CTTC also offer a number of software packages for professional Estate Planning advisors.

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Services

Meet Charlotte Ponder, Legal Director

Charlotte initially worked in family law but joined CTTC in 2011 and was appointed as the Legal Director in 2017. Day to day she ensures that operations run smoothly across the company. 

She was appointed to the Trustee board of Age UK Coventry & Warwickshire in 2019, and now holds the role of Vice Chair. 

In the summer of 2021, Charlotte also joined the Working Group on Electronic Execution of Documents, established by the Government on the recommendation of the Law Commission following the consultation on electronic execution carried out in 2017. Together with other professionals from a range of backgrounds she is looking at overcoming barriers to executing documents electronically in law and business.

Outside of work Charlotte loves running … and hates running!

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Services

Countrywide Legacy 

Countrywide Legacy gives Estate Planning advisors access to a wide range of products and services, adding real value for clients. As well as drafting Wills and Trusts, Legacy can also be used to prepare a wide range of documentation involved in administering trusts and transferring various assets (including property) into trust. Encrypted and cloud based, Legacy allows for many documents to be signed electronically, empowering the advisor to take complete control of the customer journey and avoid lengthy paper-based processes. 

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Services

Professional Trustee Service

CTTC ensures that trusts are properly administered, so that the asset protection advantages are not lost through mismanagement. Having independent third-party involvement can offer assurance that the correct decisions will be made and utilising the services of a professional trustee can ensure neutrality during potentially emotive disputes. 

Professional Executor Service

CTTC are experts in dealing with all aspects of Probate and provide a Fixed Fee Service which is quoted and agreed in advance of any work being undertaken, ensuring complete transparency. An experienced Case Handler acts as the point of contact throughout the Probate process for the family and the professional advisor.

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Services

Vulnerable Client Care 

The Vulnerable Client Care Team ensure that the correct amounts are paid in relation to long term care, in particular where the person receiving care has settled properties or assets into trust, or is the beneficiary of a trust. It’s often an overwhelming and complex area for clients to deal with at a difficult time, and the team can help with what to do at each stage to ensure that families get their full financial entitlement – and most importantly, the care they need.

The Countrywide Group 

Other companies in the group are able to support advisers in offering accountancy, financial and legal services to their clients, with the aim of providing a full Estate Planning service under one roof. 

To view the full interview of Darren Leggett, the Co-founder of Property Ladder Group with Charlotte Ponder, see our Youtube channel.

If you would like a free trial of the Legacy software or you would like to discuss working with CTTC or any of the companies in the Countrywide Group, please contact the New Entrants Team at or 01926 514390 Extension 9170.