Tower Street Finance Services With James Emery

Tower Street Finance are an inheritance lending specialist. Their services offer innovative, no risk, accessible financial products for beneficiaries and executors of estates.

They currently offer three unique products, that were designed after extensive customer and partner research. Working with many practitioners to help them solve their customers’ inheritance problems.

Tower Street Finance

Meet James Emery

James Emery is a Relationship Manager with Tower Street Finance. James joined the firm at the time of first product launch in June 2020. With a 30-year background in business development and relationship sales, working with a large number of law firms and professional advisors.

James covers Wales, the Welsh/English border counties, West Midlands, and the Southwest. During his career he has built an extensive base of solicitors, financial advisors, and brokers.

At home, James is a proud father of four, married to his “lovely wife, Debbie”, and is a music nut.

Tower Street Finance

The Inheritance Tax (IHT) Loan

The Inheritance Tax (IHT) Loan was launched to help the thousands of families each year who are denied access to their loved-one’s legacy, because they can’t afford the tax bill.

Each year around 2,000 families can’t afford the average up front IHT bill of around £200k. This needs to be paid before the Grant of Probate is issued and the inheritance can be released.

The IHT Loan solves the problem by providing a loan, which is paid directly to the Inland Revenue. This allows families to start the legal process and receive their inheritance. The loan is repaid from the estate funds once the Grant of Probate has been issued.

James Emery said: “Our IHT Loan provides a lifeline for people who are facing a huge tax bill when a loved one dies.

“It’s a catch-22 for thousands of families each year, they can’t access their legacy until the tax bill has been paid, but they don’t have the money to pay it until they’ve received their inheritance.”

Tower Street Finance

Inheritance Advance

With one in three Brits relying on inheritance to boost their finances, the length of the probate process can be a real barrier when, in many cases, they ‘need’ the money sooner.

Inheritance Advance is the first product of its kind that enables beneficiaries to access a large proportion of their inheritance much sooner than they’d normally be able to. The proceeds can be used for any reason.

James said: “It’s not a bridging loan or personal loan, which is why it’s unique and unlike any other product in the probate sector. There really is no risk, even if there’s a shortfall on the amount the beneficiary is ultimately entitled to, we take that risk.

“We know the probate process can be lengthy and frustrating for beneficiaries that want access to their inheritance sooner. We also know the current challenges faced by the sector resulting from the Covid-19 crisis mean it could take longer to administer estates.”

Tower Street Finance

Inheritance Dispute Funding

Around one in four people would contest the will of a loved one if they were unhappy with the division of an estate. However, many do not have the money to fund a claim, even when it is likely to be successful.

Inheritance Dispute Funding (IDF), helps beneficiaries who have concerns over the validity of a will, fund a claim for a greater share of an inheritance, or pursue a claim under the 1975 Inheritance Act.

Unlike a loan taken out to cover solicitors’ bills, IDF has no credit checks, no personal liability and no monthly repayments.

James says: “Through our conversations with solicitors it was clear they and their clients were looking for a simple and easy to access solution to inheritance dispute funding.

“By working with experts in their field we’ve designed a product that delivers for the solicitor and the client. This opens up the possibility of a legal challenge for people who could otherwise, unfairly, have missed out on an inheritance.

All Tower Street Finance products offer:

  • No risk
  • No credit checks
  • No charge over property
  • No personal liability
  • No monthly repayments
  • No requirement for a will

Case studies

People want to access an inheritance early for lots of reasons. Here’s how Tower Street helped one customer do just that to help her mum move home.

The Problem
A daughter with power of attorney wanted access to her mum’s share of an inheritance early. So the parent could move into a new home that better suited her care needs. She had found the perfect bungalow for her mum. She didn’t want to risk missing out on the property, whilst waiting for probate to be granted. She turned to her solicitor for help.
The Solution 
Tower Street Finance had just finished working with this solicitor on another case. Although this was its first dealing with a customer with power of attorney. An Inheritance Advance was granted in under a week, in record time, ensuring the property sale could go through. Dealing with Inheritance Tax (IHT) at any age can be overwhelming. Here’s how the Tower Street team helped two siblings deal with IHT after losing both of their parents.

The Problem 
Two siblings in their 20’s lost both their parents in quick succession. The second parent died before the first parent’s estate could be properly administered. This led to delays in being able to manage the estate and sell the property, which was the main asset. As a result, inheritance tax (IHT) interest charges were mounting up.
The Solution
Tower Street Finance helped the siblings settle the £350,000 HMRC bill with an IHT Loan. Whilst the estate was being settled, and to ensure the customers had some money to fall back on, Tower Street Finance provided a £15,000 Inheritance Advance.

To view the full interview of Darren Leggett, the Co-founder of Property Ladder Group with James Emery, see our Youtube channel.

If you would like to discuss working with Tower Street Finance, either with James, or one of his colleagues covering the rest of England and Wales, please drop him a line at, or on 07511 052871.